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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Training a Fighter

Started training a beginner today who wants to fight in July. Had him work on the following to see his punching, kicking, and endurance.

warm up with some body weight exercises:
Legs, abs, arms:
-burpies, horse stance squats, judo push ups, ab twisters, squat kicks, boxing sit ups.

Thai Pad/focus mitt work: punches, kicks, palm strikes-

Boxing punches:
jab, cross, hook, uppercut, and variations-
-2 count combos: jab-cross, jab-uppercut, hook-cross, cross-hook, uppercut hook.
-3 count combos: jab-cross-hook, hook-cross-hook, cross-hook-cross, upper cut-hook-cross.
-4 count- jab-cross-hook-uppercut.

Front push kick/jab kick "theep" in Thai.
1. lead leg push kick.
2. rear leg push kick.
3. jab -cross, push kick.
4. push kick, jab-cross.

palm striking:
1. jab palm
2. cross palm
3. throwing palm
4. jab-cross palm
5. cross-jab palm
6. 4 palm strikes- left first
7. 4 palm strikes- right first

30 boxer abs

resistance bands punching:
1. random numbers
2. sevens (1-7)
3. Knock out punches: jab-cross, hook-cross, cross, jab-cross-hook-cross-hook.

hand weight set: 30 sec each-
1. military press
2. front raises
3. punches
4. flys
5. double punch outs.

discuss- ball of foot for push kicks and round thai kick.

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