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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Farnam "Farre" Mirzai seminar at Novamma notes

Farnam "Farre" Mirzai (Sweden) Based in Thailand from 2005-2010, did a seminar, his lessons are very clear and practical giving a new sense of basics. Many of the things I had learned in Thailand, however it is critical lesson on basics and could always use a refresher and reintegration in training.

Video of his famous spinning backfist:

Seminar Farre
Stretching and shadow boxing warm-up.

-Stance: balance 50/50 "balls of feet" ready to continual shifting between rear
weight and front weight. Balance , balance, balance! Hands relaxed, dont tense unless taking punishment. save your energy for 5 rounds.

- Front leg 70% weight: be ready to use rear leg for kicks, defense, fakes.

- rear leg 70% weight: be ready to use front leg for knee,
kick, defense etc.

Training shadow box rounds: stance and angle.
1.-Raise leg: for defense
2. Fakie hip or shoulder
3. shadow box with fakie, single attack and defense 9work all three in diffrent order)

Partner work:
4. Angle attack rt left, far and close range, play with counters.
5. Angle close 'haymaker' head control then knee.
6. Thiep kick- drill vs attack.
7. Defense- arm out step back block jab cross.
8. Vs. Uppercut- arm out then rt arm covers head with elbow down to
stop uppercut.
9. -round kick to leg above knee, cover head and expand arm.
10. - kick catch: ankle lock, add counters or push.
11. -rt elbow and cover, be ready to counter
12. single arm push as defense for many things like knee etc.
lesson on attacking: attack when person is on one leg, attack when they are unbalanced.