Fu Zhong Wen, Yang Chen Fu, Yang Shao Hao, Sun Lu Tang, Wu Chien Quan, Ma Yueh Liang, Tung Ji Yieh, Chen Wei Ming (below Sun Lu Tang)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fight training for Lei Tai 6/25/2011 with Tyson DeWees

jump rope 5 min.

Tabata rounds on the heavy ropes:

switch between alternate arms
open close arms
double whip arms
Sample heavy rope vids:

Agility drill 5x:
drop down to push up- hindu push up- side ski jump left and right-rt. leg skip jump-left leg skip jump.

station circuit 3x:
10- shoulder sand bag squats.
10- slam sand bag.
5- ring pull ups.
10 ring push ups.

thai pad work:speed non-stop.
1. jab-cross-l.hook-r.hook-l.upper cut , rt.uppercut.
2. jab-cross-rt. kick, left kick.
3. jab-cross-rt. kick, left kick, shoot.

heavy bag round:
-work punch/kick combos and shoot.

condition out:

both legs: inside calf kick, out side calf kick, inside thigh kick, outside thigh kick.
-two kicks to body
-two kicks to head
-jab cross hook hook to body.