Fu Zhong Wen, Yang Chen Fu, Yang Shao Hao, Sun Lu Tang, Wu Chien Quan, Ma Yueh Liang, Tung Ji Yieh, Chen Wei Ming (below Sun Lu Tang)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

18 Taiji Qigong, 36 Liang Gong Shir Ba Fa, Tui Shou and Da Lu

I was able to transfer some old video (1992-1997)to digital yesterday.

18 modes of Taiji qigong:
I learned this from Wei Chi, a disciple of Fu Zhong Wen. Wei Chi believes that Taiji qigong is an excellent remedy for all kinds of maladies. She has collaborated with Master Lin Hou of the Shanghai Institute of Qigong in writting a book entitled "18 modes of Taiji qigong." She has given classes on martial arts one after another without knowing that she has activated and enlivened the life of many people.

part 2

36 Liang Gong shir ba fa:
One of China's most popular Therapeutic Chinese Health Exercises.
Madame LeAnne Gehan,
a license and certified teacher from Shanghai China,
transmitted this method to me. Her class consisted of 36 Liang Gong shir ba fa, 2 sets of 24 Taijiquan, 2 sets of 48 taijiquan, and 2 sets of 42 taiji sword. Very long and hard class, one of the best.
36 LIANG GONG SHIR BA FA- Therapeutic Chinese Health Exercise
This is a exercise technique that combines the ancient methods
of the yi ling jing(muscel and tendon change classic), Ba dua Jing
(8 piece brocade), Daoyin and Du-na methods (movement and breathing methods),
and wuxing (5 animals of hua toa) as well as other techniques
such as acupressure and massage.
These exercises are very beneficial to recovery from illnesses and injuries.
They are designed to stretch the fascia
tissue layers that extend from the head to the feet.
12 of these are in the head and neck regions.
set 1

set 2

Xianhao cheng: tuis shou and Da lu
Xianhao's Lineage is through: Master Zhu Liang Fang, a fifth generation practitioner of Yang's Taijiquan, a disciple of Jiang Yu Kueng that Xianhao's Taiji began to flourish. Jiang Yu Kueng (fourth generation) was quite fortunate to have been apart of Yang Chen Fu's teaching in Nan Jin Chinese Central Martial arts Academy in 1930-34. Jiang Yu Kueng was given inner student teachings. Thus becoming famous in China for his abilities fighting receiving first place in competition for his Lao shir (respectable master) Yang Chen Fu. He graduating from the academy, where the students were very eminent in martial arts. Most of them ended up becoming famous martial arts instructors in China.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Good article on training- dont over train!

article click here

what I got out of this article:
Don't: over train, drink more water, eat healthy, dont go crazy on circuit training.

Combine with sprints and 1 or 2 circuits a week. Don’t over emphasize circuits. Focus on rest/recovery, good diet and sleep.

1. Deadlifts
2. Single arm farmers walks
3. Floor press
4. Jump squats
5. Hamstring curl
6. Sit ups
7. Neck harness

sample workout:
-40,50,60 lb dumbbell: single arm farmer walk n 4 squats
-185 deadlift 5x5
-kb two 24kg farmer walk 3x around gym
- leg curls 3 x 10 50 lb
-200m sprints 4 x
-ab 200 ab exercises- sit up, superman, twisters, cherry pickers, belly ups.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Boxing Youtube training vids with Pro trainers

Click to see video:

Upperbody drills


Lower body

Lower back core


Abdominal part 2

Dumbbell routine

Jump rope

Punch out interval

Rack drill

Evaluation line

Jump box

Shadow box-

Boxing modified workout inspired by the above links;
warm up:
3x 3min.
Shadow box rounds

Medicine ball
Legs/ABS/Upperbody/lower back: 20x each (4 or 5 per round) within 2 min. work 1 min. rest.
total for 8 to 10 rounds
1. MB squat
2. Mb squats with jump throw up ball
3. Mb angle boxing step
4. Mb deep stance to angle
5. Mb jump lunges
6. Mb bob-n-weave forward ghost step
7. Mb bob-n-weave backward ghost step
8. Mb bob and weave in horse stance
9. Mb bench step lunges
10. Mb sitting side twist for abs
11. Mb- roll on top of ball on abs
12. Mb between knees crunches
13. Mb sit up w/twist-touch ball to floor
14. Sit up reach arms above head w/mb
15. Sit up throw ball up to land on abs
16. Side toss/squat
17. Chest pass
18. ‘on the go’ lateral movement chest pass
19. Chest pass moving around ‘mirror’ partner
20. Lying down chest pass mb
21. Under hand throw- uppercut
22. Jab pass
23. Cross pass
24. Superman toss
25. On/off push ups
26. Mb forearm planks-knee raises
27. Mb forearm planks-hip squares (both directions)
28. Mb forearm planks-walk outs

Boxing training- strength training

*Interval timer needed
Hand weights set
2lb to 5lb weight
each exercise-30 sec work, 30 second rest=16 min.
Advanced: 3x per week (alternate days of plyometrics)
1. Shadow box/punch with weights
2. Back on medicine ball like bench:
a. 20x neck up down
b. 20x neck sideways
c. 20x chest fly
d. 100x bench press
3. Wing stretch weight
4. Lateral raise weight
5. Ladder climb weight
6. Triceps weight
7. Iron cross- (3)front-out-hold
8. Bent over rows weight
9. Upper cuts weight
10. Punch out to sides
11. Double punch outs
12. Lift arms
13. Military press weight

Jump rope interval- pressure fight
3x 3 min.
30 sec easy 30 sec explode until 3 min.
or 15 sec easy 15 sec explode until 3 min.

Punch out intervals
3 min. x3
30 sec. drilling non-stop uppercuts on focus mitts or resistance bands
30 sec. drilling jab-cross combo non-stop on focus mitts or resistance bands
*practice forward, back, lateral-left and right, angle stepping while drilling punches.
Repeat until 3 min.

Abdominal boxing workout
Best is two days on two days off
20-30 reps 3-4x a week
1. Leg up-toe reaches
2. Leg up- butt lifts
3. Feet flat, knee up, hand on knee crunches
4. Knee up butt lifts
5. Side triangle crunches left and right
6. Seated leg crosses
7. Seated leg raises
8. Leg circles
9. Ankle grabs
10. Single leg crunches
11. Stacked feet crunches
12. Seated twist
13. Left and right oblique twist

Plyometric training
Evaluation line- rhythm stepping
Hands on hip chin down.
1. rt. leg forward hop across line
2. rt. Leg backward hop across line
3. left leg forward hop across line
4. left leg backward hop across line
5. pigeon toe jump forward/back moving rt.
6. pigeon toe jump forward/back moving left
7. cross overs forward
8. cross overs backward
9. hip turns – left side
10. hip turns right side

Box step- intervals 30 sec each.
left right step , right left step, jump on/off

Rail step- in-out ranging: 2 min.
Single, double triple, 5,6,7,8 attacks

Slip line- rope at shoulder level
Slip forward
Slip backward
Slip uppercut forward
Slip uppercut backward
Slip uppercut cross
Slip uppercut hook
Slip 3 attack
Slip 4 attack
Slip 5 attack
Slip attack defense attack
Slip slip attack slip
Slip combination slip slip

slip line-

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Old School Boxing training

One of my first teacher's of Boxing and Tai Chi Chuan, Wilson Pitts has a boxing blog that really has some useful articles. He recently wrote a great article HERE and I picked up some old school boxing ideas:

Trainer Charles “Pop” Foster and Jimmy McLarnin-

No weight training at all- it will slow you down.

Training: speed- "off feet and hands."

-footwork: saw dust floor.

-stance chin tucked, hands blazing.

-snappy left jab.

-strong rt. Cross

-stand in gap and get out.

-avoid getting hit.


3 rounds sparring,

3 rounds heavy bag,

3 rounds light bag.

Cross training- fishing nets, rowing boat, running.

Left hand training- throw darts, bounce ball.

McLarnin was trained old school way- no weights, no long hours of hard work as to not over train, trainer did not hire sparring partners and other special trainers.

Trainer Jack Hurley and Billy Petrolle

-turn away from rt.. hand and throw counter rt.

- draw the rt. Cross and weave under and counter left hook.

-short jab and miss, when opponent swarms in: counter cross.