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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Review of Coach Rick's Mittology

Today I got my Coach Ricks Mittology DVD in the mail. I had seen some of the sample vids posted on Facebook. Like this:

I became friends with Rick instantly and eventually decided I wanted to buy a copy. Well I took a look at the website Mittology Website here and wasn't sure what to buy. I sent Rick an email and explained, I been doing boxing drills for many years now and learned many mitt holding techniques and consider myself pretty good. He suggested I get the "Coach Ricks Trainers Kit" which has a 3 set of Intermediate-Advanced DVD's.

Today they came in the mail around 3 pm and by 6pm after watching all 3 and taking notes, I can say They Did Not disappoint!

The first DVD was a 'Basic' Technical pattern and a second pattern called the 'Base pattern'. The Basic Technical pattern is a pretty long set of punching and counters, while the Base pattern is short and makes for a great flow drill.

The second DVD was 'Technical footwork' and goes into Balance, stance, and some foot work drills that are common to boxing, but then has some eye opening fundamental footwork drills to train. I really liked the Cuban pivot and small circle drills. It really describes something I had been working on my own without knowing there was something already called that.

The last video called 'Progressive Technical mittwork' gives the viewer some templates to work with the 'Base patttern' from the first DVD and makes for some interesting combinations/flow drills to work on with your training partners.

What is important about the DVD's is the instruction quality and price quality. It wasn't to expensive and it wasn't unclear as to what to do. If you are good at pad holding, then this set will make sense. I was a bit skeptical about over emphasis on mitt work, but the purpose is to help the fighter develop good reaction and muscle memory, and this will carry over into sparring.

One thing I used to do was on a slow day at the office was watch the mittology youtubes and try to decipher and write down the combinations to try later. Watching it over and over, pausing, writing notes...Hell it just will NOT work that way. First, they just going to damn fast on those teaser clips, and second, you need Coach Rick to explain that sh*t to you. It is a good buy if you love training and boxing and will be good for you library. I really enjoyed it and recommend it to my friends.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bare knuckle training old school.

Pug Ugly Boxing on John Sullivan and Bare knuckle boxing

What I can take from the article:

abstinence and exercise, exercise and abstinence:

6-12 mile walks with running at the end.

for fight- detox, lose weight, and get recovery massages.
- lay low on sparring.
- mentally walk through every aspect of fight.
- medicine ball hitting: timing and footwork.
- take down defense with wrestling.

take a saturday:
- 10 mile walk
- 2 mile run
- 15 minute tread water
- light dumbell workout
- boxing work out
- skip rope