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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Well Produced Sparring article and one on warm-ups/stretching

sparring article here

I like how Bill talks about sparring and ego, and uses video samples from BJJ rolling and Muay Thai sparring. It is important to know how not to be a dick to your sparring partner. Sparring light (50% of power, technique based only, no ego), medium (75% of power, sense of respect, lowered ego), and heavy sparring (95% power, heavy only for those prepped for fighting competition, yet not actual fight) to improve your game.

Warm ups/stretching- from magnificent mobility vids on youtube

1. Cat/camel- abs/midback. 12x
2. Yoga Twist-lumbar. cross feet floor version 8x each leg.
3. Side Twist- lumbar. on side: flip feet over from hips. 8x each side.
4. Bent knee twist- on back twist knees.8x.
5. Birddog- low back/butt. opposite hand/foot reach outs.10x.
6. Side lying twist-midback. knee touch8x each side.
7. Calf stretch from down dog. 10x each side.
8. Fire hydrants- hip circles from dog position. 10x each hip joint.
9. Supine bridge- hip bumps. 12x.

10. Single leg supine bridge- knee to chest.8x
11. Anterior-posterior leg swings- standing leg swings.10x
12. Side-to-side leg swings.10x
13. Supine scorpion-8x each side.
14. Prone scorpions-8x.
15. hip corrections- stand on one leg and lower hip and correct. 8x each side.

15. Windmills-omei warm up touch toes.8x
16. High knee walks- pull in knee to chest. 5x each.
17. Pull back butt kicks- stretch quads.5x each.
18. Mini band side step- use resistance bands and step.10x.
19. Cradle walks- high lotus stretch.5x each side.
20. Scapula push ups- stretch scapula.12x.
21. Dislocations (pvc)-8x.

22. Toy soliders/frankensteins- front stretch kicks.5x each leg.
23. Single leg RDL- scale walk.5x each leg.
24. Reverse warrior lunge w/twist.5x each leg.
25. Walking spiderman- deep lunge walk: elbow touch ground. 5x each leg.
26. Alternating lateral lunge- drop stance walking.5x each leg.
27. Squat to stand.8x.
28. Crossover overhead reverse lunge- backstep bow stance.5x each leg.
29. Running butt kicks.8x each side.
30. High knee skips-8x each leg.
31. Deep wide out squats- land in horse stance, jump to stand.10x.
32. Supine leg whips- raise hips while on back and open and close hip with leg.6x each leg.

Yogic/chiropractic exercises:
33. Warrior 1 hip flexor-
34. Prone IT ban- pigeon.
35. Neck stretches-side neck muscle with hand.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BJJ 2/8/2011

BJJ Warm-ups:

conditioning and strength drills:
fall drills,
rolling drills,
quadraped drills,
bear crawls,alligator, spider crawls,

throw line drills-
1.arm throw
2. ba-ta-ne

arm bar drills: from guard.
1. pin arm to body, neck tie-up, shift body and legs up for arm bar.
2. jacket grab, then cross grab, pinning opponent arm, shift, legs up for arm bar.
3. high lappel grab and choke, when opponent defendes, tie-up grab, shift and legs up, arm bar.

rolling 2x for 5 minute rounds.