Fu Zhong Wen, Yang Chen Fu, Yang Shao Hao, Sun Lu Tang, Wu Chien Quan, Ma Yueh Liang, Tung Ji Yieh, Chen Wei Ming (below Sun Lu Tang)

Monday, December 22, 2014

General outline of our Throw training in Chinese Martial arts and Taijiquan

What you should expect to learn and know for testing and demo of techniques.

Warm up:
Waist rotation
Back rotation/windmills
Bar stretch- front, side, and back
Split training
Tendon stretch: vuom ba duan jin #1.
Standing floor stretch
Standing v stretch- rt. Middle, left
Front kicks
Inside and outside crescent kicks

Stance and leg work:
Back hook with leg
Pull out let spin 180.
Hook kick
Gong bu turns
Extending gong bu turns
Cross stance up and down
Coil leg up
Low coil sits
Kick back throw (classic shuai throw)

Entering training:
1.       Front cross step
2.       Back cross tep
3.       Fast enter step (jump)
4.       1,2, or 3 with full bending throw.

Fall training:
Front roll
Front fall
Side fall
Coil leg side fall
Back fall

Leg holding throws:
Single leg side throw
Single leg over the shoulder
Double leg
Double leg to side
Double leg over the back/suplex
Kick catch leg sweep
Kick catch push forward
Kick catch pull back

Over the waist and back throws:
1.       Back/hip- Neck throw
2.       Back/hip - Shoulder throw
3.       Back/hip - Waist throw
4.       Snake throw
5.       Tiger throw
6.       Front waist throw
7.       Waist throw from opponent back.
8.       Dragon throw
9.       Leg reap throw
1-.   Push the chin throw (white crane spread wings).

Leg hooking throws:
1.       Ward off shoulder control- sweep lead leg.
2.       Roll back/elbow control- sweep lead leg.
3.       Leg lifting, chest press throw.
4.       Wrist control sweep leg
5.       Combo hook kick and leg throw.
6.       Neck pull, hook kick throw.
7.       Play pipa: arm drag/elbow control and sweep lead leg.

Other throws and counter techniques:
1.       Ba ta ne: hand block and move forward throw.
2.       Elbow striking throw.
3.       Snake creep down 1: Fireman carry throw.
4.       Snake creep down #2: reach between groin throw.
5.       Pull leg, press forward/neck or chest throw.
6.       Part horse mane throw: control leg, push chest throw.
7.       Carry tiger to mountain: flip over throw.
8.       Double and single leg counter: sprawl or neck control.
9.       Dragon as a counter throw.

Ground fighting:
1.       head lock, arm bar.
2.       Neck crank
3.       Guillotine from guard
4.       Paint brush series- key locks and kimura.
5.       Wrist locks
6.       Rear shoulder/chicken wing

7.       Darce choke.