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Monday, August 6, 2012

Shuai Chiao Stances with John Wang

A Valuable John Wang Post @RSF:

The funny thing was GM had never used the term 十三太保. He only taught 12 ZZ instead of 13. I had to fly to China to meet his brother to find out the missing one. When I asked his brother in hotel in Beijing, his brother asked me to hold on his waist, he then did the missing one, 旱地拔葱(Han Di Ba Cong) Pull onion off a dry ground. I then understood why GM Chang didn't use the term 13 Tai Bao. How can you call your ZZ training 13 Tai Bao if you only taught 12 ZZ moves? I assume toward his old age, he couldn't do 旱地拔葱 (Han Di Ba Cong) Pull onion off a dry ground without someone held on his waist. He had too much pride and would never allow anybody to help him on that.

I had made it into a short form so people can easily remember. Of course the order is not important. Even my young student still could not do the 1st 旱地拔葱 by moving her body up and down with single leg standing.

1. 旱地拔葱 (Han Di Ba Cong) Pull onion off a dry ground
2. 李奎磨斧 (Li Kui Mo Fu) Li Kui sharps the axe
3. 仙人照鏡 (Xian Ren Zhao Jing) Angle look at mirror
4. 钝链割谷 (Dun Lian Ge Gu) Dull sickle cut rice
5. 舍身探海 (She Shen Tan Hai) Sacristy body and dive into ocean
6. 魁 星点斗 (Kui Xing Dian Dou) Kui Xing points at star
7. 烏龍戏水 (Wu Long Xi Shui) Black dragon plays with water
8. 羅漢观天 (Luo Han Guan Tian) Lou Han looks at sky
9. 燕子超水 (Yan Zi Chao Shui) Swallow skips water
10. 合卧 (He Wo) Combine stance
11. 古樹盤根 (Gu Shu Pan Gen) Old tree twist the root
12. 托天式 (Tuo Tian Shi) Lift the sky
13. 三平 (San Ping) Three plains.