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Monday, November 22, 2010

Good article on training- dont over train!

article click here

what I got out of this article:
Don't: over train, drink more water, eat healthy, dont go crazy on circuit training.

Combine with sprints and 1 or 2 circuits a week. Don’t over emphasize circuits. Focus on rest/recovery, good diet and sleep.

1. Deadlifts
2. Single arm farmers walks
3. Floor press
4. Jump squats
5. Hamstring curl
6. Sit ups
7. Neck harness

sample workout:
-40,50,60 lb dumbbell: single arm farmer walk n 4 squats
-185 deadlift 5x5
-kb two 24kg farmer walk 3x around gym
- leg curls 3 x 10 50 lb
-200m sprints 4 x
-ab 200 ab exercises- sit up, superman, twisters, cherry pickers, belly ups.

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