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Thursday, December 2, 2010

18 Taiji Qigong, 36 Liang Gong Shir Ba Fa, Tui Shou and Da Lu

I was able to transfer some old video (1992-1997)to digital yesterday.

18 modes of Taiji qigong:
I learned this from Wei Chi, a disciple of Fu Zhong Wen. Wei Chi believes that Taiji qigong is an excellent remedy for all kinds of maladies. She has collaborated with Master Lin Hou of the Shanghai Institute of Qigong in writting a book entitled "18 modes of Taiji qigong." She has given classes on martial arts one after another without knowing that she has activated and enlivened the life of many people.

part 2

36 Liang Gong shir ba fa:
One of China's most popular Therapeutic Chinese Health Exercises.
Madame LeAnne Gehan,
a license and certified teacher from Shanghai China,
transmitted this method to me. Her class consisted of 36 Liang Gong shir ba fa, 2 sets of 24 Taijiquan, 2 sets of 48 taijiquan, and 2 sets of 42 taiji sword. Very long and hard class, one of the best.
36 LIANG GONG SHIR BA FA- Therapeutic Chinese Health Exercise
This is a exercise technique that combines the ancient methods
of the yi ling jing(muscel and tendon change classic), Ba dua Jing
(8 piece brocade), Daoyin and Du-na methods (movement and breathing methods),
and wuxing (5 animals of hua toa) as well as other techniques
such as acupressure and massage.
These exercises are very beneficial to recovery from illnesses and injuries.
They are designed to stretch the fascia
tissue layers that extend from the head to the feet.
12 of these are in the head and neck regions.
set 1

set 2

Xianhao cheng: tuis shou and Da lu
Xianhao's Lineage is through: Master Zhu Liang Fang, a fifth generation practitioner of Yang's Taijiquan, a disciple of Jiang Yu Kueng that Xianhao's Taiji began to flourish. Jiang Yu Kueng (fourth generation) was quite fortunate to have been apart of Yang Chen Fu's teaching in Nan Jin Chinese Central Martial arts Academy in 1930-34. Jiang Yu Kueng was given inner student teachings. Thus becoming famous in China for his abilities fighting receiving first place in competition for his Lao shir (respectable master) Yang Chen Fu. He graduating from the academy, where the students were very eminent in martial arts. Most of them ended up becoming famous martial arts instructors in China.

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