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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Old School Boxing training

One of my first teacher's of Boxing and Tai Chi Chuan, Wilson Pitts has a boxing blog that really has some useful articles. He recently wrote a great article HERE and I picked up some old school boxing ideas:

Trainer Charles “Pop” Foster and Jimmy McLarnin-

No weight training at all- it will slow you down.

Training: speed- "off feet and hands."

-footwork: saw dust floor.

-stance chin tucked, hands blazing.

-snappy left jab.

-strong rt. Cross

-stand in gap and get out.

-avoid getting hit.


3 rounds sparring,

3 rounds heavy bag,

3 rounds light bag.

Cross training- fishing nets, rowing boat, running.

Left hand training- throw darts, bounce ball.

McLarnin was trained old school way- no weights, no long hours of hard work as to not over train, trainer did not hire sparring partners and other special trainers.

Trainer Jack Hurley and Billy Petrolle

-turn away from rt.. hand and throw counter rt.

- draw the rt. Cross and weave under and counter left hook.

-short jab and miss, when opponent swarms in: counter cross.

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