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Monday, February 10, 2014

Thailand 2014: T'ai Chi and Muay Thai Boxing Bangkok

Just got back from my 5th trip to Thailand. If you ever go there and want to join the local Tai Chi/Taijiquan groups in the parks. Lumpinee park is where everyone is. I typically hang out with the Yongnian Taiji group. They warm up with some of the linear fajin work, do long form 2x, they also do 24 form, 42 form. Weapon practice they do traditional yang saber and straight sword as well as 32 and 42 sword. They also do a stretching set that was similar to yi jin jing. The group is from Yang Chen Fu's disciple Zhou bin. Zhou bin's son Zhou You bin teaches there sometimes. http://www.china-taichi-guide.com/Taichi-Schools-Teachers/Zhao-You-Bin.php

Some of The Baguazhang at Chinese pagoda in Lumpinee park:

All the Thai Yoga massage I got in Thailand really helped nagging injuries and increased range of motion. I love Thai massage!

Kaewsamrit gym:sample of the Muay Thai pad work wife got at Kaewsamrit gym Bangkok long untimed "when is it going to end" rounds

Other videos:

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Kaewsamrit notes:

warm up: Shadow box rounds.

10 rounds bag (until trainer available).

5x 5 min. rounds thai pads.

3 rounds clinch spar.

200 jump thieps on bag.

200 knees on bag.

Running laps 15 min.

2 rounds shadow box.

KO power jab cross on bag.

Knees round the room.

drill Punches.

step forward check leg, step back check leg drill

60 Push ups.

60 sit ups.

20 pull ups.

stretches_ standing and floor.

various thai pad work Combos:

Jab, double jab, jab cross, jab cross hook, 4 punches, rt. Kick , left kick, check kick counter kick (both sides) elbow,

- jab, rt elbow, left spin elbow.

-jab, left up elbow, rt spin elbow.

Superman elbow.

Jump front kick thiep.

Left right thiep.

Uppercut , hook, cross.

Double left hook to body, weave,cross hook cross.

-add uppercut hook cross.

Rt elbow.

Tuk ma la elbow.

Jab cross leg kick.

Jitti gym Muay Thai pad rounds were around 5x 5 minutes this year, basically untimed in reality.

video 1

video 3

video 4

Most importantly I was able to hang out with great friends and new friends. Tyson Dewees former Lei Tai fighter and personal trainer, Shane Wiggard (Boxer Rebellion MMA- pro mma fighter, Cris Haja, purple belt in BJJ, Farnam Mirzai (Live Muay Thai)- pro fighter and trainer, Fawn Tran- martial arts actress, and Nathan Jones- martial arts actor from Jet Li's Fearless, and Tony Ja's Ong Bak movies.

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