Fu Zhong Wen, Yang Chen Fu, Yang Shao Hao, Sun Lu Tang, Wu Chien Quan, Ma Yueh Liang, Tung Ji Yieh, Chen Wei Ming (below Sun Lu Tang)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2006 Archives: Pre-fight training, throw research, Pai Dai gong- hit conditioning, stretching, 2009: fight club.

Pre-fight training in a small room, too small for sparring, should of been outside. Gloves worn backward for extra padding.

Non-compliant push hands

Taiji technique research takedowns and techniques
Taiji root training, Pai Dai gong- hit training of Taiji and Shaolin.

Stretching: get your stretching on you lazy sons-of-b$%#@es. tired of hearing about how you Taiji guys don't need it.bullshit.

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