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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Real Tai Chi Fighters in Action. Full Honor and Integrity, none of the compliant garbage.

We hope to have several videos and .gifs of some awesome fight action and none of this fake compliant videos with student actors. We represent fighting with Tai Chi vs. real resisting opponents.

Master Daniel Docherty Knocks out Opponent in Hong Kong!

There is no doubt that the Practical Tai Chi Chuan, aka Wudang Sanshou guys in U.K. (Ireland and abroad) have produced a number of proficient fighters.

more videos here:
Neil Rosiak a full contact fighter out of Practical Tai Chi, he has also produced several fighters himself.
Sami "The Hun" Berik has a extensive fight record. he has fought dozens of times. Here is his highlight reel:

Wim Demeer has taught a lot of Tai Chi and San shou over the years. Here is a clip he shared:

Quentine Dewhurst: "Practical tai chi chuan UK"
Sifu Mike Patterson trained guys to use strikes and throws on the Lei Tai. He trained his guys with Hsing-i, Bagua, and Chen Taiji. some of his fighters include Alex Shpigel, Mario mancini, Steve Cotter, Mike Corridino, just to name a few!

Patrick Brady (fighter in blue) fought full contact and won Lei Tai heavy weight several years in a row. See his fighting here:

Sifu William CC Chen's (WCCC) was a full contact fighter in Taiwan as well as Sifu Luo Dexiu, but we do not have footage. However, WCCC's prodigy kids fought both Lei Tai and San Shou and fought internationally.
Max chen's highlight: (sorry no Tiffany Chen videos available)
NICK "Slick" OSIPCZAKMMA fighter from England. Fought several times in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships).

Eric Sbarg in North Carolina has produced a lot of champions who fought Full Contact Lei Tai: here is his student Natalia winning Heavy Weight division:

Mike Graves is a full contact fighter who trained and fought in England, now resided in San Antonio Texas.

Wilson Pitts: has trained several push hands competitors and Lei Tai fighters.

Juan Maldonado. Juan is a Cheng man ching style practitioner willing to get in there and kick some ass. here is one of his many fights.

Tim Cartmell- did full contact fighting in Taiwan, while we do not have footage, he is also a world class jiujitsu black belt. Not a easy task.

Peter Ralston. Won the All Asian full contact fighting coached by William CC Chen. While we do not have fight clip you can see his movements in this sparring video.

Scott Rodell Scott trains his guys in San Shou and teaches around the world, he has trained a few full contact fighters for Lei Tai. He is very into weapons research and hosted several sword competitions.

Brent Hamby in Oakland CA. has fought many San shou events and produced many san shou fightes as well.

Sam Masich, is a world class teacher, competitor of forms, push hands, and free sparring.

Johnathan Weizhong Wang. Johnathan is a seasoned veteran of free sparring and push hands as well as forms. There is a fight video out there I seem to not find. Here is him push hands with world class competitor Jan Lucanus.

John Signoriello, a student of the late C.K. Chu fought many times on Lei Tai and San Shou events and won the championship. He is seen in some segments of this clip.
Other notable fighters from the world of Tai Chi:
Robert Ruby: Robert has won heavy weight championships in both Lei Tai and push hands. He did this around 1998 and 1999. The only folks who would have a copy of that on video is the Lei Tai organization that video tapes all the fights.
Doug Stockton also won the full contact event at Koushu Lei Tai 1999, and Richard lee's open event in 1998, the only folks who would have a copy of that on video is the Lei Tai organization that video tapes all the fights.
Casey "Blackhorse" Payne: Is a International push hands champion who also did a full contact fight in Taiwan.
Brian Wilson: Brian is not only a Tai Chi guy who also practices other arts like Yiquan and fighting...he is also a licensed acupuncturist!
Mad Matt Stampe- the author, here full time office worker, part time martial artist, and currently training for Masters in Chinese Medicine. Amateur fighter, doesn't consider himself at a high level, just average. "Just a guy will balls to get in there and go after guys. Test my Tai Chi against guys trying to knock my head off."
What are some of the Characteristics of teachers of compliant garbage in the martial arts community:

1. No fight experience. Some haven't even done push hands competition, which are much safer physically.

2. They have compliant student to make them look good and get slapped around. Many times the student is respectful and could probably seriously harm the teacher. This is eventually considered real skill and goes unquestioned. Real fighters laugh and see it.

3. If the teacher does have students that train for push hands and/or fight, they do not last long and lose. If they do win, it is small tournaments with low turn out, not one of the more major International or National competitions.

4. Teacher usually picks up on trends on forums then take that idea as their own. Ti-feng, Jibengong, Zhong ding gong, terms I've used in forums are now being taught by tai chi marketing guys. go figure.

5. Demo heavy. Again these are only demos these guys can do.

6. Living in a bubble. These guys keep other competitors away from them, steer clear of major martial artists, and events. They will lose their "Rice Bowl" if the truth came out. Real fighters and players go out and test people.

7. They attract people with life or mental issues, folks looking for the 'magical' or amazing powers often seen in fictional movies. These fictional skills marketed include: no touch knock outs, no inch punches, invisible pushes, one touch knockouts, and other non-sense just to name a few. It is profitable for them and they laugh their way to the bank. "A sucker born every minute!"

8. Talk game is good. Talk is cheap, but it is a skill with these guys. They speak in fortune cookie language, use phrases that sound like Confucian wisdom, and try to come off a deep spiritual advisers.

9. They play the role of master fully, they go by self proclaimed titles, use the hierarchy of chinese culture in their western world. Master-student relationship as a means of control. They pass out titles and ranks to their students if they try to leave, it becomes cultish.

10. Shady lineage history. Some are rejects from various schools and make up they are from some special lineage that cannot be traced to teachers no one has heard of. Some advertise they are part of 'this or that' early generation of a kung fu family and cannot state or share the teachers name.

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