Fu Zhong Wen, Yang Chen Fu, Yang Shao Hao, Sun Lu Tang, Wu Chien Quan, Ma Yueh Liang, Tung Ji Yieh, Chen Wei Ming (below Sun Lu Tang)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jibenggong (Basics/Foundation practices) common to Kung Fu, Long Boxing, and Wushu

These seem to have helped me tremendously with my Internal arts training: I had a teacher from Shanghai Jingwu (Chin Woo), Zhou Jianhua and two others, one from Mizung Lohan style (under Alex Kwok/Nick Scrima), another in college from Shaolin Wu Xing ba fa (Ching Ching Fang's student Chow in Richmond Va) and a Traditional Yang teacher who was also a famous Wushu teacher (He Weiqi) and former USA Team coach Lu Xiao Ling. these basics are common to all of them. Taijiquan Jibengong is at the bottom.

Common Jibegong in Long Fist: Chin Woo, Mizung Lohan, Shaolin Longfist, and even wushu training: good for any player.

Warm-up, stretching, etc.
1. Loosen neck, ankles and wrist.
2. Arm/shoulder circles, Waist circles, hip circles, knee circles. (variety of waist turning drills)
3. Heel stretch
4. Squat
5. Various stretches: wall stretches, floor stretches, partner stretches.
a. Single leg
b. Double leg
c. Splits (Chinese and regular)
d. Scales
e. etc.

Stance work stationary:
6. Horse stance (with staff on legs)
7. Bow stance and kneeling stance (knee almost touch ground)
8. Pistols as empty stance warm up
9. Empty stance
10. Drop stance
11. Balance stance
12. Half sitting stance
13. Full sitting stance

Punching/Stance work: moving
14. Horse stance punching: variety including: horse stance to bow stance, horse stance to half sitting, horse stance to kneeling stance, etc.
15. Bow stance punching
16. Drop stance to bow stance to balance stance drill- low to high leg work.
17. Moving half sitting stance.
18. Combination of stances.

Kicking basics
19. Front stretch kick
20. Inside stretch kick
21. Outside stretch kick
22. Side stretch kick
23. Side kick (low, medium, high)
24. Chinese round kick (low , medium, high)
25. Inside and outside kick combines
26. Slap kick
27. Double slap kick
28. Shovel kick
29. Back kick
30. Low front sweep (180) degree
31. Low back sweep (360) degree
32. Front snap kick (Tan tuei)
33. Combined front snap kick and side kick
34. Circle arm slap kick

Acrobatic/agility skills- rolling, tiger rolls, back rolls, front falls, back falls, dragon spins up, tornado fall, side kick fall.
front jumps, 360 jumps to left, 360 jumps to right.
35. Front jump kick
36. Tornado kick
37. Lotus kick
38. Butterfly kick
39. Cartwheels and Aerial (cartwheel no hands)

Strength conditioning:
1. Jump and land in Horse stance
2. Wall sits (sit in horse stance back to wall)
3. V-ups
4. Sit ups
5. Push ups
6. Burpies
7. Squat kicks
8. Outside kick, 180 degree inside kick, to bow stance palm strike hold (repeat 20 times)
9. Leg raises (50)
10. Back extensions
11. Bridges (30 sec holds)

Taijiquan Jiben gong:
1. Loosening and joint opening/Flexibility set.
2. Standing gong set.
3. Single movement set.
4. Taiji walking set 1 (no hands movements)
5. Taiji walking set 2 (with hand movements- Part Horse mane, Brush Knee, Repulse monkey)
6. Taiji walking set 3 (with holding postures.)
7. Linear fajin movements.
8. Taiji Straight sword solo techniques.
9. Taiji Saber solo techniques.
10. Taiji Spear techniques.
11. Hitting set (solo and partner).
12. Taiji qigong and warm-down set.