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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Travesty in asian martial arts: the "ex-pat" bum

One of the biggest travesty in martial arts is the westerner who goes off and lives in an Asian country for extended period of time, living and training full time,  becoming an ”professional”  instructor, but never competed in the local martial arts events hosted in the country or region they are staying in.  This definitely is a sad affair, especially to those who do go to those countries and compete, yet do not have the luxury to live overseas.

I know over a dozen ex-pats who have gone to China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and other places, live, train with great teachers,  and have competed. They have competed in International wrestling, Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Tui shou “push hands”, Muay Thai, stick fighting, San Shou, Lei Tai, Taolu (empty hand and weapon forms) and other contact and non-contact “forms” sport events of their respective martial art.  This helps build their martial arts career, interaction with the martial arts community locally and internationally,  and shows legitimacy in the martial art of their passion. I respect these folks the most, as many of these folks do not teach on the “seminar” circuit world-wide.  

Then there are those westerners on the touring “seminar” circuit, who have lived or are living “the dream” training abroad somewhere in Asia, and have nothing to show but “blah-blah-blah” theory talk on forums.  Nothing to show in regards to competitions, fighting, and real skills of their art in question with non-compliant persons. A lot of talk from these folks, not much walk from them for sure. At best they are able to handle their own students with lesser skills, have good ability to market, and self-promotion.  I am not a fan of these chaps in the slightest, especially when they claim secret skills and hidden methods. Most amateur part-time fighters can knock their professional non-fighting ass out cold.

Buyer Beware of these bums, most likely not worth your hard earned money to attend their seminars.

Lastly, there is another ex-pat breed who may not have competed and/or fought, however they are not full-time martial artist, but DO have real skill, are recognized by a lineage and teacher, but on the contrary, are not on the "seminar" circuit. Having real skill, these folks are quiet and just keep to themselves. I have met a few and applause them. Bravo!

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