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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Training at Khun Kao Gym- Kru Brooks Miller 3/15/2011

Trained last night at Kru Brook's home gym and had a really great workout. Kru Brooks is a former MT coach at NOVAMMA and is a champion level United States Muay Thai athlete. He is a pivotal member of helping develop and organize Muay Thai events in North America.

We reviewed the following:

Scoring in Muay Thai: higher to lower scoring techniques.
1. knockdown/sweep
2. knee to head
3. round kick to head, elbow that cuts
4. straight knee to body
5. round kick to body
6. side knee to body
7. kick to arms
8. push kicks that moves opponent
9. round kick to leg
10. punches/elbows

Winner of round is determined by:
1. lands the most scoring strikes
2. lands most effective strikes
3. cause the most damage
4. most aggressive
5. best defense
6. fouled the least
*Other factors include: ability to show toughness, inability to answer high scoring techniques, showing tiredness/injury.

Technique lesson- do not reach out for a clinch, use knees and elbows-> clinch -> throw.


Shadow box- 2x 3 minutes
end of round drill knees and kicks (to get final scoring in).

Foot work drills:
1. Angle step forward, slide step sideways.
2. Side step pivot left and right.
3. Pivot step with changing to southpaw stance.
4. Cross step.

Stepping and counter attack drill:

1. Angle off jab: freestyle counter w/ punch, knee, kick, etc.
2. Angle off Cross: freestyle counter w/ punch, knee, kick, etc.

Focus mitt/pad- again working with stepping drill.3 minutes each.
1. Jab cross hook, angle, rt. Kick to body, cross.
2. Jab cross hook, 'cross step' side connect to opponent, left hook, rt. Kick to leg.
3. Double kick drill- pad holder moves forward making kicker adjust stepping. 5 kicks at end.
4. Jab-cross: moving forward drill.
5. Move pad holder drill with push kicks and knees.

3 mile run.
3x circuit:
50 squats w/medicine ball.
40 slams w/ medicine ball.
30 V-ups.
20 plyo-push ups.
10 pull ups.
3x3 heavy bag.

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