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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Boxing with Partner drills . Part 2.

If you missed Part 1 (solo training for boxing) click here Part 2: Boxing requires partners for further development of skills. While the bag might be still and not moving, with pad work and glove work you get a better feel of a moving partner and someone hitting back.

focus mitts: good focus mitt work will have the partner hit back with the focus mitts

Muay thai with foucs mitts: hitting back, making puncher more active:

Good boxing demo using focus mitts:

focus mitt drill outs: this is using the fous mitts to drill the partner in a way to increase punch endurance. Punching and not getting tired.

situation sparring: Here we will focus on showing some various ways of "pre-sparring" or sparring with the various themes. example: I go you go. One person hits and other defends and reverse, you hit, other guy defends. This is good for very new people. There is also all defense round vs all attack round. Another version might be both partners only use jab and double jab in a sparring round, or one person uses cross and another person uses hook in a sparring round. the possibilites of creating these themes becomes endless. Partner work videos:
Boxing flow drill- slip weave
Boxing- defense vs jab drill
Boxing- defense vs parry, counter punch
Boxing- speed stacked combo
Boxing- basic mitt combo with defense and counter
Boxing- counter punch combo
Boxing: one for one jab cross hook cover drill
Boxing: jab spar defense drill, one for one, I go you go
Boxing- body punching conditioning
Boxing: medicine ball punching
Boxing: medicine ball body conditioning abs

glove work drills: glove work can mean using the glove like a focus mitt with your partner: example: leap frogging the punch. tap/parry and counter sample:

medicine ball partner conditioning: Medicine ball is a great way to condition the body to take hits, allow the partner to hit your body with the medicine ball. you can do throws, twists, punching etc. sample here:

sparring: now you are ready after some previous confidence building drills. Wear safety gear and do not be afraid to get hit. If you are doing the right conditioning exercises, this will prevent injury. Protect self at all times. Safety is also having someone manage the bouts and coach the sparring guys. Take your sparring to various degrees. Light, medium, and in competition time- hard. use a timer for anywhere from 2 to 4 minute rounds depending on your sport. If you like MMA some rounds go as high as 5 to 10 minutes. sparring clip

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